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Just Health Urself and Keep The Doctor Away 


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Everybody wants to keep away from the doctor's clinic as much as possible. But what's the best health yourself regimen to keep the doctor away?

For me, the best regimen to keep away from doctor and hospital visits is to keep oneself healthy and fit. Makes sense huh, doesn't it?

How do you craft such a health regimen? What considerations come into play?

The most important factor everybody should watch out for is our diet. I personally believe that our diet is the main culprit that is triggering most of the chronic ailments besetting the human population in this current age. We have strayed farther away from food in its natural form, and invented foods in a processed manner, in the name of convenience. This has wrecked havoc in our lives by way of various diseases of epidemic proportions. [Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet Is The Culprit]

Another important factor is the sedentary lifestyle brought about by modern technology and inventions. These products have stripped us of most of our daily physical activities, all in the name, again, of convenience, and progress. It's all over you, just look around. You seldom walk short distances anymore. You hardly ever climb stairs any longer. You don't wash clothes manually. You mow your lawn riding your mower. Children, and even adults, spend more time on the couch, glued to screen monitors playing digital games.

Above two factors alone have contributed to the phenomenal rise of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. To offset these, regular physical exercise should be a mandatory part of everyone's regimen. This is cheaper than regular visits to a doctor, especially if you have no health care insurance.

Smoking should be stopped and avoided at all cost. We have mountains of evidence and studies linking it to cancer and lung and cardiovascular illnesses. You get nothing good from smoking but a tweak on your ego.

We should get 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep, or shifting sleeping time to daytime, could result to damage to internal organs, or health, in general. Graveyard shift workers are most susceptible to this.

Other things to keep an eye on are the deleterious pollutants in our environment, and the toxins that gain entry into our body through the foods we consume, the medicines that we take, and the personal and hygiene products that we use.

I'd like to stress that we should as much as possible take foods in its form closest to nature. God is so good that He provided us with natural supplements readily available in Mother Nature, to keep our body healthy. See these natural supplements in God's Pharmacy and be amazed!

Another thing worth mentioning here is that altering the order by which things naturally occur usually leads to harmful results, whether its in the ecosystem, or inside the body environs. Just like a computer, if the way our body is programmed to function is modified, or some elements, which should not be in the body in the first place, find its way into our system, our natural defense mechanism might "crash" and result in a partial or total body dysfunction.

Lastly, moderation in everything is a wise counsel that needs no further emphasis. Too much of anything is an indication of a lack of personal discipline, which is necessary if you want to strive for good health.

You want to keep the doctor away? Then your health yourself regimen should always be a step ahead and be in a preventive mode. Take the precautions above early on and don't wait for the first symptoms of a "crash" to manifest before taking action. You might be too late a hero!

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