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The birth of the aluminum free antiperspirant could very well be the offshoot of the still unresolved controversy linking antiperspirants to breast cancer. But is it the answer that will finally cut the alleged connection of antiperspirants to breast cancer? 

Before the aluminum free antiperspirants came about, the market was dominated by underarm sweat solutions which are a combination of a deodorant and  an antiperspirant component. Aluminum chlorohydrate is the widely used chemical employed by almost all brands to stop sweating. A quick check at the supermarket shelves would show that almost all of the products available are of this combination.

Early this decade, some quarters raised the issue of the prevalence of breast cancer to the increased use of antiperspirants. It was alleged that antiperspirants, by its very nature, prevent the body from pushing out the toxins from our body, via perspiration, through the armpits. And thus, the toxins are amassed in the lymph nodes under the arms, which later develop into tumors.

A check with internet sleuth,, produced two studies with opposing conclusions, hence, the still unresolved status of the issue. The study supporting the claim theorizes that the aluminum chlorohydrate content that seeps through the nicks caused by shaving could be causing the cancer. To be on the safe side, my rule of thumb is to avoid anything that has undecided health issues.

All I can say is that this controversy gives credence to the fact that chemicals [aka: toxins] from personal and hygiene products we use, are among the culprits being blamed for causing cancer and other illnesses in our present generation.

That commerce was quick to capitalize on this development to come up with aluminum chlorohydrate free antiperspirants is a confirmation that there is indeed a possible health question in the use of antiperspirants.

The aluminum free antiperspirant answers the need for an underarm preparation that does not contain the alleged cancer causing chemical, aluminum chlorohydrate. But being an antiperspirant, it still interferes with the natural detoxification function of pushing out toxins from our body through the armpits.

So, this obviously leads us to the search for something that does not impede the normal task  of our body, aside from having no toxic contents. The obvious choice is, therefore, an underarm preparation devoid of the antiperspirant component, or just a plain deodorant. Better still a natural organic deodorant, since it is free of injurious chemicals. It is the underarm solution you can confidently use without the breast cancer menace threatening your peace of mind.

Aluminum free antiperspirant, or organic deodorant? It's your call.

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