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Need help for your insomnia? Having difficulty getting a restful and peaceful sleep? Well, here's good news for sufferers.

Natural sleeping aids are available in the form of scent emanating from the flowers of a humble vine plant. No longer will you need to be dependent on the commonly prescribed barbiturates or propofol, such as valium, for help for your insomnia. And no longer will you have to  bear with its corollary side effects.

A very recent pioneering research by German scientists has shown that the essence of sweet-smelling jasmine [Gardenia jasminoides] has the same strength and molecular mechanism of action as the commonly used sleeping pills. It soothes, relieves anxiety, and promotes sleep. The researchers claim that a nose full of jasmine scent is just as effective in calming the nerves, and can help in getting you a restful sleep. This is so because it has sedative properties that help eliminate stress. This is a safer way of getting much needed sleep, as jasmine does not have the adverse side effects of sleeping pills, which are regulated drugs, precisely because of the reason just stated.

Done to find help for insomnia victims, the research was a collaborative study between Dr. Olga Sergeeva and Professor Helmutr Haas forn the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, and the team of Professor Hanns Hatt from Ruhr-University Bochum. A patent has been granted to the researchers for their discovery of this natural sleeping aid. The study was reported in the current issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry [online]

I believe planting and growing this natural sleeping aid in our gardens will be of great help for insomnia sufferers, as inhaling its sweet scent can benefit members of the household. The herb has the power to eliminate stress, anxiety and depression.

Again, this help for insomnia patients is another testament to the efficacy of herbal and natural medicine. Jasmine comes from the Arabic word "yasmin" which means "gift from God." God has given us everything we need in nature, like this natural sleeping aids. It is only up to us to find out and discover how to use these gifts properly for our benefit. 

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