Needle Therapy For Stroke Guidelines 


Needle therapy is an amazing and unconventional way of recovering from stroke without the usual physical damage resulting from it.

Take time to read this excellent tips and keep it handy. You never can tell whose life depends on it.

Needle Therapy Stroke Guidelines by Chinese Professor Irene Liu

When stroke strikes, the capillaries in the brain will gradually burst.

Stay calm. Do not move the victim, no matter where he/she is, because if moved, there's the danger that the capillaries might burst.

Help the victim to a steady siting position at the place where he/she is. Make sure the victim does not fall over again.

Blood letting can now be performed. An injection needle, sewing needle, or a straight pin will do.

Follow these steps;

  • Place the needle/pin over fire to sterilize it
  • Use the needle/pin to prick the tip of all 10 fingers until blood comes out
  • If blood does not drip, squeeze the finger tips
  • With all 10 finger tips bleeding, wait for a few minutes for the victim to regain consciousness
  • If the victim's mouth is crooked,pull on his/her ears until they are red
  • Then prick each earlobe twice until two drops of blood comes out from each earlobe.

After a few minutes, the victim should regain consciousness.

Wait till the victim regains his/her normal state [without any of the abnormal signs of stroke] before taking him/her to a hospital. If taken in a hurry in an ambulance to the hospital, the bumpy ride might cause the capillaries to burst.

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