Soya Products And Thyroid Dysfunction


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Soya products, as we have known for years, are touted as wholesome health foods. But what's this that I've been reading linking soya products to thyroid dysfunction, and cancer as well?

The link between soya products and thyroid dysfunction has been a consuming debate for about a decade now, with no clear end in sight. Experts on soya products have been divided into three camps, based on their respective stands on the issue.

On one hand, we have the multi-billion dollar soy industry and their spin doctors, which include medical practitioners, nutritionists, and health gurus. To them, soya products are wonder foods that deliver so many health benefits to consumers, even those with thyroid dysfunction.

On the opposite side are soy experts and organizations, which believe that soy is toxic, particularly to thyroid patients. [Please read "One Woman's Horrifying Experience With Soya Products." This is an interesting email I got which, I believe, should be given mileage as it affects a lot of people worlwide, especially women. As a health buff myself, I used to believe that soya products are wholesome health nourishment.]

In between the two camps is the group that believes that soy is safe for thyroid sufferers as long as it is taken in moderation, in its non-genetically modified, unprocessed food form. The them, the issue boils down to just the over consumption of soya products.

Though soy or soya products are enjoying immense acceptance due to effective advertising campaigns, there is very little benefit that can be derived from it health-wise. A US review of 200 separate studies done on soy in 2005 came up with inconclusive findings as to its role in preventing or protecting against diseases and medical conditions.

Though there is no definitive study yet on the toxicity of soya products and its link to thyroid dysfunction, several countries, notably France, Germany, Israel, and New Zealand, have already taken steps to warn the consuming public on the possible health hazards of soya.

Can you, or your friends, relate to the woman's experience on soya products? Maybe now you'll have a better appreciation of what is causing your thyroid woes?

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