Vitamin C: 3 Ways To Get Vitamin C


Humans cannot produced their own Vitamin C like most other animals. Thus, we are totally dependent on our diet and supplements for this vital nutrient. As always, the best source is nature.

Here are 3 ways to get all the vitamin C you need:

1. Vegetables and Fruits 

Dark, leafy vegetables, bell peppers, and black currants, are all very rich in Vitamin C. Red and green chili peppers contain 242 mg/100 gms. 

Traditionally, we associate Vitamin C with oranges, which contain 60 mg/100 gm, the same as strawberries. Papaya, and guava, which has 228 mg/100 gm, are far richer in Vitamin C.

The richest fruit source of Vitamin C, however, is the acerola cherry, which has 1,678 mg/100 gm, about 20 times that of oranges.

2. Herbs 

For herbs, the best sources of Vitamin C are thyme and parsley. You can take them by just adding them to salad, soup, or stew. 

Peppermint leaves are little known sources of Vitamin C. You can brew the leaves to make a peppermint tea. To keep in the oils, cover the mug while brewing. 

3. Supplements 

If you feel that you cannot fill in your Vitamin C requirements with vegetable, fruits, and herbs, ascorbic acid, by which Vitamin C is better known in supplement form, is always readily available in pharmacies and stores. Just get the natural Vitamin C supplement, not the synthetic one. Acerola cherry, by the way, is available in supplement form. 

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