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Dr. Dwight Lundell is a retired distinguished cardio-thoracic surgeon from Arizona with more than 5,000 surgeries to his credit in the 25 years that he practiced his profession. He openly admits to once being a part of prominent physicians labeled as opinion makers, whose pronouncements are taken as gospel truths. Among these declarations is the assertion that heart disease is simply the result of elevated blood cholesterol, and that the only accepted therapy is to lower cholesterol by prescribing statin medications and following a low fat diet.

However, medical and scientific facts of recent years do not support the fallacy of the cholesterol theory, as all point to a new factor - arterial inflammation - as the true cause of heart disease. Dr. Lundell's own experience with his patients would confirm this. Most of his patients have normal cholesterol levels, but all of them have inflamed arteries.

Declaring that the recommended conventional approach is no longer scientifically or morally defensible in the light of insurmountable evidence, Dr. Lundell came out in the open to admit a very great big medical blunder that was being peddled by the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry for decades. He authored two books, "The Cure For Heart Disease," in which he outlined his method for reversing heart conditions; and "The Great Cholesterol Lie," which revolves around the raging cholesterol controversy.

Finally, in 2003, Dr. Lundell gave up his lucrative surgical practice to refocus his career toward the dissemination of information regarding the cholesterol controversy and nutrition therapy. Through the writing of books and articles, making presentations and speeches, and accepting  interviews, he hopes to gain mileage for his views, foremost of which is the prevention and reversal of heart disease through healthy nutrition and changes in lifestyle.

Among his credentials are;

  • Certifications from the American Board of Surgery, the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.
  • "Off-pump" heart surgery pioneer
  • Inducted into the Beating Heart Hall of Fame
  • Named to the top 10 doctor's list by Phoenix Magazine for 10 years
  • Past Chief Resident, Chief of Surgery, and Chief of Staff of the University of Arizona and Yale University Hospitals
  • Founding partner of Lutheran Heart Hospital which became the second largest heart hospital in the US [now owned by Banner Health]
  • Consultant and advisor to various medical device manufacturers
  • Founder of Healthy Humans Foundation
  • Author of "The Cure For Heart Disease" and "The Great Cholesterol Lie"

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