Basic Tips To Reduce Breast Cancer Risks


Women who are concerned about developing breast cancer can follow the following basic suggestions to reduce their cancer risks;

  • Eat soluble fiber regularly - in a study conducted last year, research scientists found that women with the most soluble fiber in their diets have 44% lower risk of developing certain types of breast cancer. Foods like flax seeds, barley, oats, and nuts are rich sources of dietary fibers, so you have to include these more often in your diets. [read> Watercress Recipes: A Big Boon To Breast Cancer Management]
  • Avoid foods containing trans fats at all cost - baked goods, French fries, processed foods that abound in supermarket shelves, and margarine, are soaked with trans fats that come from the partially hydrogenated oil used to give these products longer shelf life.
  • Make your diets slightly alkaline. Statisitics reveal that blood of cancer patients is acidic. [see: Alkaline Foods List at the end of this article]
  • Cut off all sugar from your food and drinks. If you can't do without  sweeteners, shun the aspartames too and use either stevia or honey instead.
  • Bask in early morning sun, without sunscreen, at least 15 minutes daily for your natural source of Vitamin D. [read: Sunshine Vitamin D, Sunscreen, and Cancer]
  • Exercise regularly to oxygenate your body. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.
  • You will enjoy this last tip - Get more sleep. According to a very recent Japanese study involving 24,000 women, those who sleep for only 6 hours or less a night have a 62% increased risk of developing breast cancer. Conversely, those who sleep 9 or more hours every night [up to 12 hours] lowered their chances of developing the disease by 28%. Well, this is no longer surprising. Getting the right amount of sleep is good for our general health.

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