Natural Vitamin E Food Sources


Vitamin E is definitely essential for our health and well-being.You can get Natural Vitamin E in the following foods in the quantities indicated;

Vitamin E in Oils [Serving size: 1 Tbsp]

  • Wheat germ oil—20 mg
  • Sunflower oil—6 mg
  • Safflower oil—5 mg
  • Cottonseed oil—5 mg
  • Almond oil—5 mg
  • Corn oil—3 mg
  • Olive oil—2 mg
  • Peanut oil—2 mg
  • Canola oil—3 mg

Vitamin E in Nuts And Seeds [Serving size: 1 ounce]

  • Almonds, dried—7 mg
  • Almonds, oil-roasted—2 mg
  • Brazil nuts—2 mg
  • Hazelnuts, dried—7 mg
  • Peanuts, dried—3 mg
  • Peanut butter—6 mg
  • Pistachios—2 mg

It is always better to get your Vitamin E, and for that matter, all your vitamin and mineral requirements, from fresh food sources. Feel free, however, to make up for whatever deficiencies you feel you might have with supplements. Don't get the synthetic, there are natural supplements available. [read: Are You Buying The Right Vitamin E Supplements?]

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