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 Diabetes Facts Alarming Projection

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Now, who would not be alarmed by the following diabetes facts and projections?

Diabetes is going to be the biggest epidemic in human history [Dr. Paul Zimmet, director of the International Diabetes Institute (IDI) in Victoria, Australia]

177 million people worldwide have diabetes, a figure that's expected to surpass 300 million by 2025 [World Health Organization]

40 years from now, 20% to 30% of the American population will have diabetes, up from the present 10% or 24 million Americans [Center For Disease Control And Prevention]

Diabetes is spreading more rapidly in Asia than anywhere else with the toll expected to hit 170 million by 2025 [International Diabetes Institute]

Most people with diabetes die from its complications, like heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, rather than the disease itself [Dr. Hilary King, director of the WHO's diabetes unit]

In the US, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, and non-injury amputations of the lower extremities. [CDCP]

Diabetes does not distinguish between class distinctions nor age. It strikes the wealthy and poor alike, and it's victims are getting younger and younger.

Diabetes is expected to exact an increasing heavy pressure on national health care budgets, which in 2007 alone, cost the US a whopping $174 billion.

It is projected that most countries in Asia will fall short in health facilities to care for diabetes patients.

Is there really no way to arrest the frightening upswing of diabetes cases? Articles authored by medical practitioners and backed up by research studies exist, which prove that diabetes, just like heart disease, is reversible. Or is the information only being suppressed from the public to protect vested interests? Meanwhile, the lucrative multi-billion dollar diabetes market continues to grow along with the projected increase in the diabetic population. Is there a connection? [view The Deadly Diabetes Deceit]

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