How To Keep Cancer Away

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Keep cancer at bay with the information below.

Basic Facts:

  • In a study of 600 cancer patients, 85% were found to have acidic blood.
  • The blood of healthy persons is weakly alkaline, with a PH between 7.35 - 7.45.
  • Cancer cells cannot survive or grow in a weakly alkaline environment.

Therefore, to keep cancer away, the first step is to keep our body in a weakly alkaline condition.

Watch out for the following manifestations of an acidic body condition:

  • Skin without luster
  • Athlete's foot
  • Feeling tired even with very little physical effort
  • Sleepiness when in a vehicle
  • Gasping for breath when going up or down stairs
  • Excess fat
  • Protruding lower stomach
  • Slow and lethargic movement

Contributory factors to an acidic body:

- Too much intake of acidic foods like meat, eggs, ham, beef
- Irregular pace of life

  • People who sleep late are 5 times more likely to have cancer.
  • Human beings are programmed to sleep by night and eat at least 3 meals a day. You cannot store up sleep or food to make up for deficiencies or  missed opportunities.
  • Our organs are controlled by sympathetic nerves during daytime, and   parasympathetic nerves at night. If you alter or reverse this natural order of things, something in our system will likely go wrong resulting in diseases like cancer.

- Emotional and physical stress

The primary cause of almost all chronic illnesses is our diet. If we can manage our diet healthily, I'd say that our battle against diseases is already more than half won. Moderation in everything we eat, and do, will greatly help. Monitor what you eat with this Acidic/Alkaline Food Chart. I recommend you print it and post it in your kitchen as a constant reminder. Don't just look at it, make it work for you!

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food"

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