Inflammation Process At Work

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The inflammation process, as it takes place within us, is a manifestation of our natural body defenses at work. Our Divine Providence has provided us with a natural defense mechanism to address physical trauma, and fight against foreign substances such as bacteria, virus, and toxins.

We all have experienced how the inflammation process works. When we get injured or infected by harmful bacteria, virus, or toxin, our immune and inflammatory systems are automatically triggered to contain the foreign substances and repair the damage to the injured tissues.

We have seen and experienced the classic signs of inflammation as it manifests its presence in our skin: warmth, swelling, redness, and pain. Remember the time when you had a sprain or fracture, or when you were wounded? You saw and felt the classic signs of inflammation...right? That's the inflammation process at work.

The inflammation process' response to severe or critical injuries is acute inflammation, as in the example above. Clearly, acute inflammation is beneficial to the body since it heals the injury and mends the damaged tissues back to health.

On the other hand, chronic inflammation, is the response to continuing and prolonged smaller injuries, and so we do not always get the four classic signs, much more especially if the site of the inflammation is within our body, like the arteries.

The continuous intake of toxic substances from the food we ingest, the cosmetic products that we use, and the pollutants in the air that we inhale, all contribute to chronic inflammation. These deleterious substances are not part of our natural body environment, and their continuous presence fans the inflammation further. When our body defenses are weakened and overwhelmed, the affected body part fails to function and becomes diseased, and so, we get ill.

Chronic inflammation is harmful. Most recent scientific studies and researches have already established chronic inflammation as the common denominator in nearly all major diseases confronting mankind - coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, alzheimer's, dementia. [What Causes Heart Disease]

The inflammation process is a normal and vital function of our body, but can be dangerous and fatal if set off in chronic mode. Avoidance of the triggering irritants is still the order of the day...a tall order indeed, considering that these are already deeply rooted in our daily life.

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