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What Causes Heart Disease


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What causes heart disease? This is a question that has polarized mainstream medicine after results of various scientific researches confirmed chronic inflammation as the real cause of heart disease, and a host of other major illnesses. The findings contravene the long standing convention that heart disease is brought about by the elevated level of cholesterol in the blood. [The Great Cholesterol Controversy Rages On]

Inflammation is the body's natural defense mechanism to contain infections and repair damage to tissues. While acute inflammation is beneficial to the body, chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is harmful. Dr. Lundell simply puts it this way - if inflammation is not present, cholesterol would not accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes.  Without inflammation, cholesterol would just move naturally and freely throughout the body. Cholesterol becomes trapped in the artery only because of the inflammation. [Inflammation Process At Work]

It might interest you to know what precipitated the discovery that chronic inflammation is the basis of coronary heart disease. During the last decade, when balloon angioplasty was emerging as an alternative to open heart surgery, companies making the balloons became worried due to the high rates of re-stenosis [the re-narrowing of the artery after a stent has been inserted]. They funded studies to find out what was biologically causing the phenomenon. These industry-funded studies stimulated a lot of research which finally culminated in an article declaring atherosclerosis as an inflammatory disease. [published in 1999 in the New England Journal of Medicine]

Experts now know that inflammation is the common denominator in nearly all major illnesses plaguing the world's population - cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, alzhiemer's, dementia. Dr. Lundell was able to confirm this findings with his own experience with his more than 5,000 heart patients. However, he laments the fact that even some of the foremost cardiologists in the country who have written extensively about inflammation as the true cause of heart disease continue to adhere to the statin medications and offer no other solution.

Here's good news for everyone. Coronary Heart Disease is reversible and curable. Learn about this in Dr. Lundell's book, The Cure For Heart Disease. Discover how to reverse and cure your heart condition by dumping statin medications and the mainstream American diet.

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