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Look Who's Winning The Battles For Our Health And Souls!


I got this pps file in my mail and I thought this is quite funny. Sharing it with you, I believed, will bring you some amusing moments, however fleeting. 

It's a lampoon which chronicles how our health has deteriorated over time. The way it is presented may be may be hilarious, but I find a great amount of truth in it. Refer to current health statistics available right now if you're not yet convinced.

Then, there's the religious overtone on who's winning the battles for individual souls. 

Laughter is the best medicine, right? More muscles are exercised when you laugh than when you frown.

So, view it now by clicking "creation1.pps" below. Have a great time and enjoy!


Creation1.pps Creation1.pps
Size : 402.5 Kb
Type : pps

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