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Normal Cholesterol Levels No Indication Of Healthy Heart 

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So, you have normal cholesterol levels... should you be in a celebratory mood now because you're out of the clutches of a debilitating heart illness? I used to feel that way every time I get such results in my regular semi-annual diagnostic tests. Now you and I know better not to be too complacent with such results, as available statistics will tell you why.

In a four-year study conducted by Dr. Harlan Krumholz and his co-workers at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University involving 997 elderly subjects, it was found out that high cholesterol even seems to be protective. During that time, about twice as many subjects with low cholesterol died, or had a heart attack, compared to those with the highest cholesterol levels. [High Blood Cholesterol Is Not The Cause Of Heart Disease]

The Framingham Heart Study, a long-running research to document the connection between cholesterol and heart disease, indicated that those subjects whose cholesterol decreased during the 30 years that the study ran, had a higher risk of dying than those whose cholesterol had increased.

In the Journal of American Medical Association: Vol. 189, No. 9, Aug. 31, 1964, the following findings were disclosed;

  • There is no clear correlation between serum [blood] cholesterol levels and the nature and extent of arteriosclerosis [heart] disease.
  • Cholesterol levels in and of themselves are meaningless.
  • 1,700 patients with heart disease analyzed clearly show more heart-related disease with cholesterol between 1 and 250 than between 300 and 400 or higher! (an inverse correlation)

Cholesterol, for so long, has been suspected as the the cause of cardiovascular diseases, a suspicion that has not been substantiated by scientific evidence. In an article published in the American Heart Journal last year, Dr. Lundell pointed out that in an examination of 137,000 people with heart attack admitted to American hospitals, 70% of them had normal blood cholesterol levels!

So beware! Normal blood cholesterol levels are no assurance of a healthy heart. I think you should watch out more for your C reactive protein test because that is a measure of the degree of inflammation, which is the true cause of coronary heart disease.

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