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High Blood Cholesterol Not The Cause Of Heart Disease

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 "High blood cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease," screams the title of an email message I received from a high school classmate just about two months ago. It did not initially strike a chord in my cerebrum as I nonchalantly opened the mail, until I started poring over the contents. Gee...I thought this was something controversial, as the information contravenes what has been implanted into our mindsets for decades regarding the treatment and management of coronary heart ailment, the number 1 killer disease. [What Causes Heart Disease]

For so long, high blood cholesterol has been blamed as the major cause of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and high blood pressure. For so long, patients with coronary heart disease are prescribed the standard statin medications and recommended the low fat diet to bring down cholesterol level. You can easily confirm this if you have kins or friends with heart conditions. And for so long, more and more people are dying every year from heart disease despite the prescribed expensive medications and the recommended diet, proof that this approach to heart disease management is not working!

It is not working precisely because high blood cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. The chronic inflammation of the arterial wall is the cause of coronary heart disease and a host of other major illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, alzheimer's, and dementia, according to  numerous researches and studies available since the last decade. [By gosh, this makes inflammation the real and undisputed number 1 killer disease.]

How come, despite the preponderance of scientific evidence supporting the inflammation theory, there has been no seismic paradigm shift in the administration of heart disease? The heart specialists who have written extensively about inflammation as the cause of heart ailment still have no real solutions to offer except statins.

Out of the alpha geeks of the medical field emerged a crusading figure who is spearheading the shift from cholesterol to inflammation theory. Cardio-thoracic surgeon Dwight Lundell was courageous enough to stand up against the medical and pharmaceutical establishments by openly admitting the very big and disturbing mistake that was, and still is, being peddled by said establishments that heart disease is the result of elevated or high blood cholesterol - a myth that has been labeled as the greatest scientific deception of the century, and probably, of all time. [What Makes Dr. Dwight Lundell So Controversial]

Expensive statin medications for high blood cholesterol are a waste of money. The recommended low fat diet is in fact causing the chronic inflammation that leads to heart disease and other chronic ailments. Such strong statements by Dr. Lundell reveal the passion of this man for his moral crusade. He has authored a best selling book - The Great Cholesterol Lie - where he discusses in detail the cholesterol myth and the inflammation theory. This is a must read for everyone. All of us are potential heart patients. I feel duty bound to help in the dissemination of this information. I know there are still millions of people out there who have not yet heard of this life saving and life changing developments. This is probably one of the best investments one can make in a lifetime, and one of the most important information that you can share with your loved ones.

[The Great Cholesterol Controversy Rages On] >>>



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