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The great controversy surrounding the cholesterol theory continues to polarize the medical profession despite mounting evidence pointing to chronic inflammation as the true cause of heart disease, as well as a host of other major illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, alzheimer's, and dementia.

The way I see it, seems like three groups have emerged from this raging controversy;

The first group is composed of physicians who are resistant to change and who continue to cling to the cholesterol theory, and the standard management of prescribing statins and low fat low cholesterol diet.

The second group are those who recognize the inflammation theory, but who, nonetheless, still adhere to the standard medication and consider the treatment of inflammation as just an add-on to therapy.

Then, there is that group of physicians - the so-called heretics of modern medicine -  who are advocating a totally different approach to the management of heart disease. To them, statin medications are worthless and not working. They also blame the low fat, low cholesterol diet for causing the inflammation that leads to chronic ailments of epidemic proportions besetting the world's population today.

This much should be pointed out. There is no research on human subjects that will support the theory that high blood cholesterol level causes heart disease. The view that heart disease is an inflammatory disease [caused by arterial chronic inflammation] is substantiated  and confirmed by numerous researches and studies. This was confirmed by Dr. Lundell's own experience with his more than 5000 patients, all of whom have one thing in common - inflamed arteries. Also, as much as 70% of heart patients, according to statistics, have normal cholesterol level. More and more people are dying despite taking the statin medications and the reduction of fat in our diets. [High Blood Cholesterol Is Not The Cause Of Heart Disease]

So, what's keeping the medical profession from embracing the inflammation theory and start administering heart problems based on this viewpoint? My own perspective is that a shift will negatively impact on the multi-billion dollar drug industry, as well as on the very foundation of present day American diet.  

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